It’s Empty.

Cookie jars, minus the cookies.

Rooms, minus the furnitures.

Memory cards, minus the memories.

Novels, minus the letters.

Letters, minus the words.

Words, minus their meanings.

Conversations, minus an exchange.

Promises, minus fulfillment.

Homes, minus the people.

Empty, empty, empty.

Void blank vacant hollow inane.

Smiles can be empty. Hearts can be empty.

Can people be empty too? Or do they simply feel that way sometimes.

It’s a funny word. 5 letters strung together. Collectively they’re a state of being. A feeling? The lack of meaning, perhaps.

It’s when you run out of the fuel that is your emotions. Or everything that drives you. Everything that pushes you forward. What compels you to get out of bed in the morning. How does one get a refill on that?

The only thing remaining is other people. Their expectations. Their needs. I’m just existing. Maybe only for them.

I need to wake up from this state of mind.

That wretched switch has been flipped.

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