Time Travelling

Today was a good day. Uniform shopping with Cait, Ida, Jing Jie and Sean, followed by Now You See Me, dinner at Plaza Sing, then drinks with Lyndon who I haven’t seen in the longest time.

The thing about catching up with old friends, especially ones you were very close to at a point in time, is that it’s surreal when you see how the person has changed. How predictions you made for them (or they made for themselves) came true, how they didn’t. 

And then you wonder why you stopped talking. And then you wonder if you’ll start talking the way you used to. And then you realized that things have changed, you’re both busier now. 

There are those friends that are awkward to catch up with. Friends you’re no longer comfortable with. You don’t really know what to say to them because you’ve just changed so much and you’re not at the same place anymore.

Then there are those where you can just pick up where you left off. Those friends who, regardless of what has happened or how you’ve both changed, you can still talk to about anything right off the bat.

It’s pretty amazing when you have people like that in your life. 


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