So What If This Is Temporary?

We don’t give enough credit to the things that are short-term. I don’t think I’m wrong to say that most people don’t see the value in anything temporary, simply because it’s temporary. We don’t invest as much, we don’t let it affect us as much. And if we do get invested and it turns out to be temporary, we start to question the point of the whole exercise.

But honestly, so what if it’s temporary?

So what if you don’t stay best friends with your best friend at 17 all the way to when you’re 90? So what if you eventually move on to other people? So what if you don’t get married to the boy you dated at 16? SO WHAT?

Why do we insist on trying to force every good relationship to last forever? The fact is that we cannot. People change. Circumstances change. What you want or need from a best friend/lover isn’t going to stay the same forever because you’re not going to stay the same either. People progress. Some slower than others, and that’s okay. It simply means that sometimes we outgrow our friends, or they outgrow us. It doesn’t mean the friendship wasn’t real or meaningful while it lasted, it just means they’ve served their purpose, and it’s time to find a better fit.

The word temporary is defined as “lasting, serving, or enjoyed for a limited time”. If something is temporary, does it discount from how significant it is? Ultimately, is there even anything that isn’t temporary? Life is temporary – but we don’t find it insignificant. Applying the same logic then, how can we still say that the temporary pleasures we enjoy in life are a waste of time?

If it makes you and the other people involved happy, and it teaches you something about yourself, or maybe even just offers a pillar of support for a rough time, then have at it. And when it’s over, don’t dismiss it’s significance, but be grateful for the experience.

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