Guilt Trips.

Yeahhhh so this week has been quite insane. Mr V told us we’re doing an IOP next Tuesday and that he’s only discussing our topics on Monday, I have a chem lab report to do, and good gosh the math test we had today… … …just sigh.

Something exciting/terrifying – I’m going to be the sec-gen for SJI’s first JC MUN. I’m half worried it’ll be a total flop and half stoked because it just might turn out to be a success.

This weekend’s going to be so hectic. I’ve got to prep for my sermon with Jana, there’s the university fair tomorrow morning, church after from 3-7, then on Sunday TE from 8-12, FIF from 1.30-4.30, and Othello with the HL lit kids from 6-10. WHOOP.


The teacher review thingies have been really encouraging though, I’m doing a lot better than I think I am.


Thank God.


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