I sometimes (like today) wonder if I should be less patient, or at least have people believe I’m less patient. 

Because once you show people that it takes a lot to tick you off, they start trying to push your boundaries. They might even begin to think that you don’t have any. It’ll typically come in the form of a joke – I doubt anyone would really want to spite you – but they’ll get tiring after a while. They think nothing of it, because you seem to be fine. On your end, it accumulates. You start to feel bitter about it, yet you feel you can’t say anything.

What happens, then, when you’re having a bad day? When you’re just so tired and you’re having one of those weeks where you feel everything is against you? One comment can send everything spiraling. 

Maybe it really is better for people to think you have a short fuse. They’re more careful around you, they tend to watch what they say, they won’t – however jokingly – try to antagonize you. You might not actually be as easily ticked off as you seem, but if they believe you are, what harm could that really bring? 


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