Getting Off The Bandwagon.

We’re all hypocrites. I feel like I’m in the middle of an identity crisis, one that’s been going on for a really long time. I can’t stand it when people bitch about others just because everyone else is doing it. Seriously, what could you possibly have to say about someone you don’t even know, who hasn’t done anything bad to you? Do you blindly agree with whatever’s being said? Do you fabricate a story? 

I know I do it too. I get that sometimes people are scared of being judged simply for disagreeing, or even for the lack of participation. If I don’t agree, maybe I’ll get shit for it. If I do agree, the whole group has a common topic of discussion. I disgust myself sometimes, I really do. 

But I will console myself the only way I know how.

“At least I’m trying.” 


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