Nice To Meet You.

People are downright fascinating. They are also, more often than not, very very predictable. While that is true, I can’t help but fall a little in love with everyone’s story. I might not love the actual person, but man, am I a sucker for their backstories.

I want to know everything about a person – from the way they enunciate to the way they solve a problem, and why they do it that way. People are the sum of their experiences right? I want to know why they flinch at the sight of blood, or why they’re exceptionally annoying. My theory is that every habit or character trait is a manifestation of a single, or series of events and the experiences they draw from said events.

Maybe that’s too much to ask. Maybe it’s off-putting. I’m genuinely just interested in people. I try not to think too much about human nature and all because it gets pretty depressing when I get to the part about all the brokenness and hurt and disappointment. We’re all kinda messed up. Does that mean that we’re all kinda not messed up, since everyone is, so relatively, no one has the upper hand?

Something else I’ve been thinking about – is my pain less significant because a greater pain exists? I constantly hear people talk about how they’re sad, but that they shouldn’t be, because someone else is worse-off. When does emotion become negligible? Does everything really have to be relative? Are my emotions just not important because they’re not caused by more “significant” events? I don’t think anyone is necessarily “worse-off” or “better-off”. I don’t think your degree of pain is in direct correlation with the event causing it.

Or maybe it just serves as a consolation. Maybe it’s just a way of trying to discount and distract from the agony.

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