A Step Short of the Free Fall.

I’m all for taking things slow. I don’t like to rush. 

You make it hard to want to take things slow, you really do. The only remotely unpleasant thing about this whole situation is that I’m the one who’s insisting on the whole going slow thing. I mean, I have to. Dad’s rules come first. 

It’s better this way, I know. It’s good to be proper friends first. 

I’m always going to be biased. We can’t be “proper” friends. “Proper” friends don’t want to  be around each other all the time. 

You probably don’t realize how much effort I’m putting into trying not  to see you. 

Gah. I want to. 

Come on, Amanda. Use your brain. 

It’s a year. 

Suddenly a year feels like an awfully long time. 

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