Beam Me Up.

I haven’t blogged in super long, but I have spare time (a lot of it) on my hands now, (plus I’m permanently jet-lagged so I’m wide awake till 3am every morning) therefore, I figured I might as well use these few hours/minutes writing about…stuff. That was a long sentence.

I’m listening to ^^^ this right now. Runner Runner is gooooood.

Anyway, I’ll start by writing about what I’ve been up to since the end of O’s.

1. Skyfall with Kai and Looper with Jo and Debbie.

2. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my cousin. There’s somewhat of an age gap between me and my Singaporean cousins so we haven’t been super close at all until quite recently. Yeah so anyway, we went to Daiso so that I could find Christmas presents (yes, I know, I’m a cheapskate) and just to talk. A few days later we brought Ansel to Sentosa for a full day which was SUPER TIRING but also really fun. Later in the week we went to watch Rise of the Guardians, and she came over the next day to just…chill.

3. K I have no idea what else I did, but today I caught Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Argo with my darling godsister, Gracie! She just finished her A’s so she’s super free too. SPOILER ALERT! Omagah wtp the Breaking Dawn plot twist…I did not see that coming even though I read the book. The fighting was so intense and I was so into it and suddenly… … … YEAH so Grace and I were talking about how it’s the equivalent of writing a super good essay and ending it with “and it was all just a dream”. WAHHHH cheat my feelings. But okay, okay, at least Carlisle didn’t die. Esme too.

Yeah and Argo was bloody stressful to watch. Good movie, it gets my thumbs up, just don’t watch it if you’re going for something chill and relaxing because this show will make you feel the exact opposite. I was holding my breath half the time, no lie. (I can imagine Jo raising her eyebrows at me going, “DON’T. LIE. AMANDA. DON’T. LIE.”)

4. OH WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET? I helped facilitate for the P6 games in church. It was too much fun oh goodness, we had a water bomb fight where I got soaked from head to toe, and the kids had a whole lot of fun too so that’s good. :D

K that’s the end of it. Everything else that happened since O’s ended is either inconsequential or ______________.

I miss my classmates so much. ): I really really can’t believe that when school reopens next year, I won’t be half-walking, half-sleeping to class and plonking at my table and looking back to see Nic make a random face at me and Mick slumped over her table super unglam-ly, and Audrey watching some HK drama on her phone and Sharne bouncing into class and Faith coming in and speaking in her auntie voice, “HELLO GIRL AH…”, and Sha hugging her pink file while frowning because she didn’t finish amath homework and Jo just going to her table to sleep and Michelle drawing her cartoons on the board and Uma telling me stories of awkward/epic encounters and Debbie and Amber not being there because they’re always skipping school and and and and SIGH.

IT’S OKAY, I tell myself.

I only believe it halfway.

I’ll miss you guys so much.

S2 was a super horrible learning environment cause everyone (including me) is so. darn. noisy. But it’s been a whole lot of fun, a whole lot of tears, laughter, hard(not really)work, creativity and all the things awesomesauce is made of.

Let’s pray my class next year, wherever it shall be, will be more than half as fantastic.

This song is nice too.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the 8th of Dec for a few reasons. The main one is the B1G CONFERENCE YAAAAAAY. It’s kinda sad that no one from my cell is going since they’ll all be away, but it’s okay. I’M STILL EXCITED.

Idk what else to write about that’s not top secret or non-existent.




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