When Time Stood Still And I Had You.

I foresee this wordpress getting more and more dead.

I’ve been writing more on my tumblr, just because.

Flashback to the night when you said to me “nothing’s gonna change, not for me and you”, not before I know how much I had to lose. 


Exams…sigh. Just…sigh.

The people are better.

Those next to me right now are annoying me though.


My birthday was a blast. Thank you Jo, you really made my day. (:


And Abbi,

It won’t always be smooth sailing, but we’ll make it through together, yes? I love you, really. I hope you get your happy ever after. xx.


If you’re out there, if you’re somewhere, if you’re moving on, I’ve been waiting for you everyday since you’ve been gone. I just want it back the way it was before. 


I’d take it all back now.


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