Watch Them Drive Their Fast Cars All The Way To Nowhere

So…I haven’t blogged in a really long time because…I just didn’t really feel like I had anything to say. Meh.

April was a pretty emotional month (which is not good at all), but with the start of exams, there’s not really much room for emotions since I’ve been so busy with revision and the actual papers plus being physically unable to do anything but sleep in my free time.

So far our papers have been…less than good. Except maybe e-math. But I left a whole lot of blanks so I’m not super optimistic about that either. SS was just downright horrendous. I really really regret not studying for that one.

I’m pretty sure my DSA isn’t going to be successful. Every one says I shouldn’t see it as a competition, but how can I not? It’s so frustrating that we have almost the exact same interests, except you always do better, you always outshine me. The funny thing is that before every paper, I’m the one trying to calm you down. I hate how I always feel second-best when I’m standing next to you. I hate how you don’t seem to even have to break a sweat, while I have to slog my ass off to just barely pass for amath. I love you as a person, I just wish I was oblivious to you brilliance, really.

I pretty much just feel like this now:


The only cure now is peanut butter. I’mma go eat some. Then study for lit. Sigh.

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