Been there, done that, messed around.

Let me just start by saying that Phillip Phillips is mighty fine. His eyes, his face, his voice.  


Yeah okay nothing much has been up lately, just prep for MYEs. I really hope I’ll at least pass everything. Oh yeah and I’m applying for DSA to SJI and ACSI, so wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

The only other thing I have to say is that people should really just mind their own damn business. Sometimes a conflict happens, and it’s between you and someone else, but for some reason the whole world wants a slice of the so-called drama. Seriously, guys, what is your problem. Is there nothing better for you to do than to get involved in things that don’t even concern you? And people that are two-faced. Man, people like you can really make my blood boil. Stop switching sides. Pick your team, and stay there for crying out loud.

At least now you’ve proven to me that I really can’t trust a person like you. And to think that I thought you valued me as a friend. Heh.


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