Impossible Is Nothing.


I have literally not started on holiday homework. I haven’t been slacking though, all the studying I’ve been doing just hasn’t been related to finishing homework. Yeesh. Why couldn’t the teachers have just not given homework so we could do more revision?

BTWFYI, I just had amath tuition for like 2 and a half hours so I can’t be bothered to be grammatically correct or completely coherent, or even just to spell right.

Our relationship is so a-typical that it’s not even amusing. I know one day when you find the girl of your dreams and you get together, I won’t allow myself to get in the way of it, but at the same time I’m dreading having to pull away. You’re have this ridiculous pull on me that doesn’t make sense because we’re not together, nor will we ever be. But yeah, I just don’t understand what the point of all this is. And even though I know it’s not likely, I still wonder if you ever feel the same.  

If you ask me how I’m doing, I would say I’m doing just fine. 


One thought on “Impossible Is Nothing.

  1. hey, hope you’ve managed to catch up with yr hw :) i know sec4’s a stressful year (even if you don’t stress yourself out, your teachers will) :P anyway, all the best for your studies and JIA YOU! :D
    p.s i’m sorry for what our relationship’s become and i hope you’ll be able to move on…

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