Heaven knows.

This song is too beautiful; and I love how it’s a song that can be meant for anyone, your friends, your family, your…uh…lover?

HAHAHAHAHA okay spastic moment over. Meh.

School’s been great. I’m not even being sarcastic. 

Like, everyone says they’re really stressed and everything, but I don’t really feel the heat. I have this new urge to actually bother to do my homework, and y’know actually study, but no stress. Weird, eh? I guess at least this way I’ll spend less time freaking out over the future, and more time actually doing the work. Hmmm…

The past weekend was mad fun, omgz. Flagday was so tiring ohlawdy, but it was fulfilling. Affy and I were so desperate we’d go up to people who’d already donated and when they said they had, we’d be like “WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE AGAIN???????????!!!!!” There was this nice guy who did. :’)

After that I went to church, almost fell asleep during sermon, then we went to Becca’s for the S4 cluster barbecue. Can I just pause right here to tell everyone how adorable Jemima Khaw is.


And like, I’m kinda grateful that I’m in the cell that I’m in. Idk about the rest, but I think in a weird way, we kinda balance each other off really well.

Since I’m being sappy and all gross with love and affection for everyone, let’s mention some other people.

1. Rebecca

How can I even begin to-

I mean, which other person on the universe would be better suited for her role as our cell leader? No one. I’m pretty sure there’s no one in this dimension that can replace her. If you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. :’)

2. BIGA!

She is…special, and in a very special way, too. I mean like, she’s so bimbotic and hilarious that it’s always fun to hang out with her, but at the same time we can talk about more…uhhhh…meaningful things. I can click with many people, but not the way I click with her.


Omg hahaha his chinese name. I’d type it in chinese but I have no idea which Yih and which Feng it’s supposed to be. Teehee. Sigh, sigh, what can I say? We’ve had our ups and our way, waaaaay downs, but I’m glad we made it through all the crap. I know I always call him a tard and a loser and a…all the other bad stuff, but I don’t actually mean any of it.

I mean the part about him being my gay best friend too, though. Emphasis on the gay part.


There are a LOT more people that mean the world to me, and I’ll talk about them in future posts. (:


Yeah so anyway, Sunday was fun too! And I established the fact that Timothy Tan is a bimbo. Cell was as per normal, then Jemima and I got bored while the guys and Bex were playing cards so we went outside and had a slow race, which Max joined in…and eventually won (but only because he cheated). Yeah then the guys + Bex + Jem and I went to the white patch of empty next to Christ Sanc and had a race. HAHAHA it was too funny. I beat Tim the bimb but lost to Ian.Wae.

Yeah then we went to the playground, and Ian was all, “let’s see who can swing higher.” And OF COURSE, he could swing mega high so I lost at that, too. And then…the guys left, so it was just me and Jem. HTHTs with her are so funny, my goodness.



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