Tooooodayyyyy was amayyyyzeeeeeng.


K, I didn’t really get a lot of angpaos or wtv, but I spent the ENTIRE day with my crazy cousins, which was good. I mean, I guess I always feel kinda distant every time I come back to Malaysia, because we don’t see each other for super long in between. So there’s always a lot of catching up to do, a lot to talk about, and general awkwardness to break through.

But idk, maybe it’s because we’re older now or something, it was easier to go back to the routine of…being retarded around my cousins.

We had the usual lion dance at my grandparents’ house, I GOT AN ORANGE FROM THE LION PERSON HAHA okay cheap thrills :>, and thennnn we…CAMWHORED.

Okay seriously, my cousins have managed to sway me from my anti-camwhorish ways. Meh. We went over to Susan’s house and played poker, and I lost like 1RM, boo. Then we went to Bee’s house and chilled.

Elenne painted my face, and it was fun to feel somewhat pretty for a while. Hmmmm, then we walked back over to grandma’s house to play with the firecrackers!

The 138 one is mad boohteehfooh, and my jiu jiu is mad hilarious. When he was setting the 138 fireworks thingum this police car drove by and so he picked it up and brought it in and just left it inside the gate, then walked out and pretended nothing was going on.

What else, hmmm…

Oh yeah.

Meng’s parking is the most fail thing ever.





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