When did it all change?

I wish I was 5, and we weren’t bitchy.

I wish I thought harder about the impact of my words before I ever used them.

I wish you realized that I’m not here for your entertainment.

I wish everyone was given a clean slate, and could start over.

I wish past mistakes weren’t held against anyone.

I wish impressions weren’t that hard to change.

I wish going there was what it was supposed to be, and not what it has become, for me.

I wish I didn’t know any of this; because ignorance is bliss.

I wish you actually tried to get to know me, before judging me, and later talking about it.

I wish I actually tried to get to know you, we could have been friends.


But no, the only way I’ll get a clean slate is uprooting, and moving.

Maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do.

After all, there is really no point in staying if I can’t focus, and if the fellowship I get revolves around scandals, and friends aren’t genuine.


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