“How about cheese?”

Today was easily one of the most hilarious days of my life.

C______ MEETING WAS SO FULL OF…FUNNY-NESS…and Hazirah baked yummy cookies for us. :D We didn’t get a lot done and we sidetracked a lot but still, a little laughter is good for anyone’s soul. Mich pointed out to us that we qualified for priority registration to Oxbridge, because of YMGE. My goodness, the courses are insane, the teaching staff are mostly from either Oxford/Cambridge, the school is situated in some super nice part of UK, you only take two subs – your major and your minor, and to top it all off, it doesn’t cost a bomb.

It’s such a good opportunity, but I doubt my parents will even consider it. I mean, if I was them I probably wouldn’t, considering it’s in a totally different continent and such…

Ahh well, parents will do what parents deem fit, and it’s usually good to go with their judgement.

After that…I went over to a friend’s house. Nothing much happened, I just got a really interesting souvenir. Creativity: 100%

Hmmm, I went home after that, before heading to the airport to send my cousins and their parents off (they’re going to Japan~). I finally met the guy one of my cousin’s been telling me about, and the girl my other cousin hadn’t told me anything about.

“You make really weird faces when you text.”


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