Cause’ baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall in love.

Today was magical.

Nothing much happened actually, just a really boring train ride up to the Swiss alps…a really scenic view when we got to the alps, uhhhhh it was really hard to breathe while we were up there cause it was so high and-


So then we had another really boring train ride down the mountains. And we got off at the wrong stop.


Actually, turns out it was pretty awesome, since the place we got off had snow.

I hence spent the next hour throwing snow at Ansel, and having him put snow down my shirt. Ahh, that was fun. And the snowflakes are beautiful, really. Now I understand why people always draw snowflakes a certain way – they really do look like that. :’)

I haven’t been happy like that in a long time. Granted, I haven’t been miserable, but still. It was one of those get-lost-in-how-wonderful-the-world-is-and-no-problem-is-too-big-and-we-don’t-have-a-care-in-the-universe type moments.

It was magical.


Aaaand…nothing else happened today. That’s okay though, there was more than enough happy today to go around for an entire week/century.

I shall try to upload photos tomorrow~ because I’m lazy~ and I still don’t have a care in the universe~



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