I am angry.

Okay no, I will not be wping about YMGE (yet), nor will I be writing about the trip.

I will rant.

I think it’s bloody hilarious that you think I’m clingy.

It’s a joke.

Seriously, it’s so deeply rooted within the category of nonsense, that it’s funny.

I’ve proven (to anyone who knows me well enough) to be almost the opposite of clingy. I can’t have a “best friend” that I hang out with all the time because I cannot stand being around just one person too often. If people talk to me too much I feel suffocated, and I need space. I don’t even understand how you can come to the conclusion that I’m clingy.

The ironic thing is that I pulled away from you a little because I felt suffocated by you.

Dude, what the hell. I don’t even start conversations with you anymore, nor do I reply super enthusiastically, you even ask me why my replies are so dead. Okay, the moment you bitched about one of your friends (who you seemed to be on good terms with) I knew I shouldn’t ever be surprised if I ever hear crap about me from you.

Seriously, I feel you’re no better than the friend you bitched about.

He says nonsense about me,

you say nonsense about me.

He bitches about you,

You bitch about him, and me, and basically everyone else.

I think it’s rubbish when they say girls are more gossipy. Everyone gossips. You just happen to have an exceptional amount to say.

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