Seriously, God can do anything.

Including helping me overcome my retarded motion sickness.

The first flight from SG to Dubai was just… … …terrible.

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

And when I got off I felt so horrible I wanted to run to the toilet and lock myself in there so I wouldn’t have to take the other flight from Dubai to Munich.

But…of course I didn’t do that.

And surprisingly, the second flight went better than the first. I still felt kinda dehydrated and empty-ish after the flight because yknow…no food and whatnot, so I went back to the hotel first with mahh parentals.

So here I am in the hotel room (the one I’m sharing with Addie) alone wp-ing about how miraculous it is that after 19 hours of no sleep and no food + airplanes, I AM ALIVE.


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