Tell Your New Friends That No One Knows You Like I Do.

Song of the week: Oh Well, Oh Well by Mayday Parade.

K I’m taking a short break from the 30 day challenge (it’s not really a 30 day challenge anymore but I do what I want :D) because I am LAZY. Hmmm, what shall we talk about today?


It was so frickin’ awesome. Lyk siriuslayyye.

I think Curie really bonded during the camp, and we managed to win the cheer-offs, yay. :D

It’s a shame Khadidijamudajadirajadudu wasn’t there, and Addie had to leave early, though. ):

Yeeesh, I now have a really bad sore throat, and the doctor said I’m not supposed to talk for the next 2-3 days…so I have to text everything I wanna say. :/


Nevermind, I will survive.


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