Day 3; A book I love

Hmmm, there are also so manyyyy!

Haiyo, okay I shall pick one.

THE HUNGER GAMES! (By Suzanne Collins)

Okay I won’t be a spoiler or anything, but basically the story is set in the future, after some big war, when the Earth has really little resources left. The entire Earth is split into 12 districts and one Capitol, with the Capitol basically dictating everything that happens. Every district is in charge of different jobs/tasks – District 1: Luxurious goods, District 2: The Capitol’s Defenses, blahblahblah, District 12: Coal Mining.

The people in some of the districts got kinda pissed with the Capitol because they had so much food and lived a good life while the people in some districts were suffering/didn’t have food yadayada, so they staged a rebellion – which the Capitol won.

So to “commemorate” and to constantly remind the people how they have absolutely nothing on the Capitol, they hold the Hunger Games every year where two Tributes, a boy and a girl, between 12-18, from each district are thrown into an arena where they fight to the death, and only one Tribute can win.

IT’S A GOOD BOOK. I cried when one of the characters died ohmygawwwd so sad. )’:


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