Day 2; Something I Feel Strongly About

There are so many!

I feel very strongly about elderly who are living in less than ideal conditions; people starving anywhere in the world…

Okay I think the issue I feel the most strongly about is the death sentence. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Admittedly, it serves as a good deterrence for people who might otherwise commit certain heinous crimes, but I still don’t think it’s justified.

First of all, it’s just not right. No matter how you twist the logic of it, I don’t feel it justifies taking someone else’s life away. Can a judge be accused of murder for sentencing someone to hang? I mean, it can’t be considered man slaughter because it’s definitely not an accident when one sentences a convict to die. Yes, it’s as a punishment, but outside the legal system, if I, for example, chose to kill someone as punishment, I’m quite sure other people would call me crazy. How is it any different? What gives anyone the right to take away someone else’s life? And what if you have the wrong man?

Even if the convict took the life of another, it seems kinda twisted to punish them by, in turn, killing them. Oh the irony. Don’t kill, or I’ll kill you.

What a wonderful message.

Moving on, sometimes I read articles about people sentenced to hang and their backgrounds, and I think, “If I grew up in the exact same environment, under the exact same conditions, experiencing the exact same things and going through the exact same events, would I turn out any different? Would I make any different choices?” I don’t really think so.

I think that people can change, and if someone is sentenced to die, that chance to become better; to choose to make the right decisions in the future, is robbed from them. Yes, the legal system is not structured for compassion, it’s structured for punishment and consequence for wrongful actions. But why? Why can’t mercy be factored in? The legal system isn’t perfect, but is anyone doing enough to try to make it better?

I think justice, while essential, fails when it becomes utilitarianist. And when someone is sentenced to death, the person becomes a victim of the legal system.


Don’t shoot me for having a point of view.


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