Okay seriously, I think there’s something up with me.

My sleep needs are way overboard.



Oh gosh.


Anywayzxc, today was loooong. We went through the CL and E-Maths papers and then had Science Enrichment hohoho. Okay I really didn’t pay attention at all during the lesson part, I was too busy talking to Abbi and Ezebel and Alicia. >:D Yeah and then right, at the last part we had this “debate” about GM food which was quite frustrating (actually not really lah) which no one won. ROFLMAO.

Hmmm, after that I went to look for Addie, and we got Mick and Jas to be our delivery people and buy Macs for us from Tiong while we did the APEC stuff (stress max). They came back at like 7. And the YMGE briefing started at… … …7. So we ate mad fast and brought the rest to the AVT to eat. :x

The briefing was so awkward lulz, our parents started getting to know each other. Oh the horror. Mick, Jas, Addie and I were just standing a distance away freaking out cause’ they were conversing. Creepy okay. Then Ansel went over to Miss Chia (my history teacher/YMGE and APEC teacher/discipline mistress) while she was talking to Szeling and held her hand and put his face on her hand (WHICH WAS SO WEIRD, MIGHT I ADD).

Yeeeesh, Amanda is vvv sleepy. But I have to do the APEC stuff tonight because it’s due tomorrohhhh. ):

No matter, I will survive. 


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