When you tell me I’m a wreck, you say that I’m a mess.

So… … …I haven’t been posting much, because nothing extremely bloggable happened recently. Lol jk, so many things happened – I was just lazy. :’)

I love that song; the band too.

Friday was fun – Naomi and I sang You Raise Me Up by Joshee Grobanee for the principal’s farewell thingum, (I think I went off key once, hmm) it was kinda awesomely fun in a terrifying way.

Hmmmm…we got our results back on Thursday. Honestly, I think I did okay. Figure wise, my marks were crap, but I think I improved substantially, and at least I’m actually bothering to try now, right? Even though most of my improved marks were only by a little bit, I still think all the effort was worth it. Baby steps.

My parents weren’t happy about my results, but I’m kinda grateful because they didn’t really yell at me or anything. My dad handled it pretty well – all he did was to discuss with me the subjects I’m okay at, those I need to focus more on, and basically just encouraged me to try harder the next time. It was cool of him to do that.

I realized I don’t have much time till O’s; it might seem like a lot, but for the amount of catching up I have to do, it really isn’t. Oh well, I’ll just try my best, and hope good things happen.

Moving on…

That shall be my new mantra. I also refuse to be a two – faced bitch, because I don’t really like two – faced bitches, and I figure no one will really like me if I am one.


Amen, hallelujah. I’ll just keep reminding myself that whatever’s supposed to happen, will, so I can stop over thinking, and start actually doing things with myself. Sometimes I make up these great big scenarios in my head, but I don’t want to be contented with just dreaming.

I also absolutely hate it when I over think, and make something out of nothing.

I do that sometimes. Bleagh.

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