You need to chillax. I know it seems like everything is out of your control, and you don’t know how to deal, but stop putting yourself down for it! I personally think happiness is a choice, and when you focus on the greyish black gunk on the windscreen of your life (whoa, so deep right omgzxc) you can’t focus on the bloody road! And then you will crash into a pizza truck and die.

Harping and thinking about the greyish black gunk won’t make anything go away, so why harp on it every second of every day if it’s just going to make you sad?


Step 1: Eat lots and lots and lots of gummy bears.

Step 2: Listen to really good music.

Step 3: STOP


Step 5: ABOUT

Step 6: THE

Step 7: LOUSY

Step 8: THINGS

Step 9: IN

Step 10: LIFE


Idk be more productive, talk about it if you have to, go for a run, bake a cake, pick leaves off the floor, sweep your room, make staple chains, build lego. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO, and I guarantee all of that is better than thinking about your problems.

Okay I know I suck at giving advice, but remember this. What will happen, will happen. If it turns out for the better, awesome. If it turns out badly, screw it. Be mad for a little while (emphasis in little). Then move on.

LIFE IS GOOD. HELLO? MISTER? BE HAPPY DAMNIT. Okay the whole reason why I’m being so, ahem, forceful, is because I think you deserve to be happy (insert sappy, mushy moment here). Don’t waste your youth being an emo nemo, please? 


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