Time to blog about the Gala Dinner last Thursday! To all those who chose not to go because it was “too expensive”, LOL YOU GUYS MISSED OUT ON A LOT K.

When we reached everyone was wearing pretty dresses and really high heels (esp. Eileen. Auntie ah, what’s your problem ah? So tall already still wanna wear heels.) When Mr Keong arrived, he gave this super gay wave omg Iwillrememberitforever. Then I spotted Ben Mak, and gave Judith ten bucks to congratulate him on his win for the debate championships. Then Jo arrived. In a black one shoulder dress and black heels. And I was just like omgwtsbbqwhoareyouandwhatdidyoudotoJo. She looked really pretty though. (:

So then we went in and sat at our table, and ogled over the menu. THE ABALONE WAS SUPER SUPER DUPER DUPER FANTASTICALLY HEAVENLY OKAY. Whoa cannot take it, Iwillrememberitforever. 

During the dinner, we had a debacle with chopsticks. First Judith tried picking up mushrooms with her chopsticks, and after manymanymany  attempts, she finally succeeded (HALLELUJAH). After which she proceeded to flail the mushroom about because she was so happy that she picked it up, hence causing it to fall into her tea. THEN, she picked it out of her tea, and dropped it into Alina’s cup of coke. ROFLMAO. The waiter came over and was like “Urmmmm, would you like me to refill this for you or get you a new glass?” Like hello, do you seriously think she’s going to drink out of the glass with a mushroom in it?

The other debacle we had with chopsticks was to do with Faith. She couldn’t pick up the sea cucumber on her plate and hence ate it right off the plate. (Standing ovation.) Sigh, Faith Chan is the epitome of auntie (she can even compete with Judith). She came to sit at our table so she could eat one serving with us, then go back to the table she was supposed to be sitting at to eat another serving. (Another standing ovation).

Other random things that happened: 1. We got the teachers to agree to us doing the C-R-E-S-C-E-N-T cheer, and agreeing to help us. 2. Faith managed to snap a SUPER unglam shot of Jae. 3. Mr Tan asked us to “hand in your homework ah”. 4. Nic had to go to the toilet every 5 seconds. 5. Jo and Sha were aunties with their 55 balloons. 6. Judith won the lucky draw, and in her excitement, spilt dessert all over Alina. 7. Upon complimenting Miss Sim, she joyfully replied “I VEH PRETTY RIGHT? I KNOW.”



Photos will be up in the next post! :’)

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