Outrun my gun.

Pumped Up Kicks is a good song, and I wanna cover it. (With Naomi) :D Naomi wants to cover Set Fire To The Rain by Adele, so that might be headed your way soon! (:

Service yesterday was fantastic omg, Kimberly Kou came and the both of us were just like SDFLVKWHERIUWEYR I MISS YOU SO MUCH OHMYGAWWWWWD. And Sophie was all “Bestfriendreunion, youguysareverywelcome.”

Since none of my readers know Kim (I think), here’s a brief summary of how I know her:

We went to kindergarten together, the both of us couldn’t stand this other girl called Jasmine (because she stole my kindergarten lover, some guy called Dylan who I’m not in contact with anymore). Basically Kim and I grew up (till we were like 6) together, and we haven’t seen each other since.

Oh my GOD.

Yeap, so anyway, looks like we have a new president, Tony Tan. I guess it’s too soon for me to comment on anything because I want to wait to see how he goes about his presidential duties before coming up with any conclusions. I was really sad that I missed Yam Ah Mee last night though. ):



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