E-Learning doesn’t suck that much after all, but I haven’t started on homework so we’ll see if I still think that on Friday. (Probably not.) I am seriously beach deprived, I’m so desperate to go to the beach that I’m willing to wake up early just to hit the beach okay. That’s how bad it is. Ahh well, no one’s free to go with me ): (unintentional rhyming LMAO).

My lovelife is disgusting right now so I’m just gonna ignore it, and anyway, I think I’m just about over him. Yay me.

I miss my cousin loads though, I wish she could come to Singapore to study so we wouldn’t be miles apart (quite literally). Her birthday just passed and I bet she had a great one since she’s so lovable. (:

Ansel lost his two front teeth, which was super funny cause in HK he had difficulty eating everything. LOL TOOTHLESSKID203@FOODPARADISE.HK

Also, I have got to stop procrastinating, there are so many things I have to do (like upload pictures) but I’m just so lazy to get my cable and stick it into my camera and plug it into my mac and open the software and select the photos and waitwaitwait for it to transfer and then go to FB/WP and upload.


I’m hungry again, but I shall have self – control.


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