Assembly in school today was the epitome of epic. A pigeon flew into the hall while all of us were there and started flying in circles because it couldn’t find a damned place to land, then because it was getting tired it flew lower and lower and all the people who are pigeon phobic started going insane with morbid fear of the teeny weeny pigeon. After a few rounds it finally finally made it out of the hall and everyone started clapping.

Poor bird, I bet it was scared shitless. Wonder if it’s even still alive, hmmm…

The flight to Hong Kong was torturous. Oh good god, how I detest airplanes. )<

But it’s okay cause I survived, (and I have no idea how I’m going to last 14 hours for the flight to Europe). HOORAY.

Dinner was amazing, shopping was even better. I blew more than S$100 in my first half hour of this trip. I AM GOING TO END UP BANKRUPT. D: And I can’t upload any pics because I was a genius and forgot to bring my cable, so in the mean time, look at this cat:

Isn’t it adorable? :D


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