I’m obsessed with the song by John Mayer (butthecoverbyJakeCocoisbetterhuhuhu).

Lit now, mega bored. Who the hell is the celebrity in the Crucible?! My God…on top of that I’m mad sleepy because I (decidedtobeageniusand) slept at like 1.30am last morning night. (YAY I’M SMART)

English and E-maths were normal, SS was normal too. Lit is the same as always. OH GOOD GOD WHY WON’T SOMETHING INTERESTING HAPPEN FOR ONCE? D: We have Champ Sem proposals later from like 3-6 so I can’t get home to my beloved bed till late. Boo.

I miss Trey, Arianne and Zane. Why won’t summer break end already? I miss Sabrina toooooo (Kitten Low ;))





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