Lessons today were pretty slack, bio was hilarious cause I stole Affy’s mush thing and kept thwacking her with it. Then Affy and Sha kept staring at Stacy and she kept not realizing it. CME was bloody hilarious; Naomi and Mick had to do this role-play thingum where Mick had to act as an American guy and Naomi had to play a Japanese girl. Then when Mick/Dave tried to shake her hand, Naomi/Kim said “WHY IS HE TOUCHING ME???” Oh my god, epic. It was all on video too, because our classes are being taped for ICT lessons.

Then we were dismissed early cause our class had to be used for LC, and our class debate team went to Millenium to get briefed on the motion.

After that, Sharne, Naomi, Mick, Jo, Faiff and Mich went to Wendy’s at Orchard for lunchhh! Mich left early, then we HTHTed and stuff. (So depressing omg, but I guess it’s good for your soul or wtv.)

AAAAAAND, I feel so productive ohhhhmygoshhhhh, I revised bio two days in a row okay. So proud of myself. (K, damn pathetic I know.)


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