You know what I hate most about “relationships”? (Of course you don’t, that’s why I’m telling you now.)

I hate how sometimes you feel like you’re putting so much effort into trying to get somewhere with someone, and the other person is interested too, but for some reason, somewhere along the way the other person just stops trying. And it’s not that the person lost interest or anything, but they just decided “oh yknow what? No. This person probably doesn’t like me anyway. I’m not good enough.” OHHHHHMYGODDDDDD. Okay that just irks me so much. And then that person just goes and spams facebook/blogger/tumblr/twitter/wordpress with all the “I miss you so much”s and the “maybe we were never meant to be”s and I’m just like, hello? Umm. Hi? Still here.


But nevermind, this is probably a good thing. After all, everyone knows I’m disgustingly horrible at “relationships” thanks to my wonderfully short attention span. Yay.


Here’s my post about June 2011. (The last part at least.)


1. E-math Re-exam.

Okay, whoever is in upper-sec in Crescent will know that Mr K is reputable for giving re-exams to anyone who doesn’t pass his requirement for any exam/test. And so, on a dandy day in June, I had to go take the emaths re-exam cause I got 51/100 for MYEs (genius much). Guess what? I “FAILED” (50/100) THE RE-EXAM, and am therefore cordially “invited” to go for the re-re-exam. YAYYYYYYYY.


K no, I didn’t go there. But Hanna did, for good. I miss her so much. ):

That’s actually it. June was pretty drab this year.



2 thoughts on “Crossfire

  1. wow, your life seems quite sad, even if you ignore the academic bit… just giving an outsider’s point of view, your ‘relationship’ may not have worked cos he didn’t understand where you were coming from or how you viewed him/the ‘relationship’. try to talk to him about it. i wish you all the best :)
    – love never fails, it it fails, it’s not love…

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