I’m so tired, but I’m in a good mood.


Met Sabrina (at long last omg), we had lunch at Everything With Fries!


So yummy holymoly. Anyway, after lunch we went to get cereal from Cold Storage @ HV, then we cabbed to Sab’s house. We watched Blades of Glory, so sick but so hilarious.


I spent the whole day baking, and no, I did not make anything catch on fire. My cookies turned out pretty well actually. :D

Don’t they look delicious? NYAHAHAHA!

Andandand, I started on the Amath holiday assignment. Who knew I had it in me eh? (:


Was drab. Nothing of consequence happened.

YEP! That’s it. I can’t wait for school to start so I can see all my classmates, I miss you guys too much!

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