“Did you like my little joke?”

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IMUNC 2011 is over. Damn.

I haven’t been blogging very often over the past two weeks because of all the MUNs, but now that they’re all done, I’m free to write a longlonglonglongggg post. Fantastic.

So! For IMUNC, I was in JCC’s Soviet cabinet. (Commies ftw.) Highlights?

1. We managed to blow up our own allies’ army. 

When war started, our cabinet managed to conquer the whole of Germany, but the Allied Powers took over Poland. We wanted to protect Germany and therefore decided to place landmines around the circumference of Germany. Then our defense minister wrote in to request for more Russian troops in Germany.

Landmines + Russian army moving into Germany = 5 battalions of the Red army gone.


Obviously, the Russians were pissed with us for that, so the Russian president wanted to completely severe ties with us.

2. Our co-chair tried to seduce the Russian president.

That was hilarious. He practically humped the guy. Omg. Scarred for lifezxc.

3. Bolz of fury.

Luther Bolz, our previous minister of reconstruction had been assassinated. He then regenerated into a zombie made up of rubbish and created a zombie army hellbent on destroying both our cabinet as well as the Allied Powers cabinet. It seemed like the only way to stay alive was to declare a ceasefire and work together with the Westerns.

Did it work? No.

So instead, we called on the joint forces of the Powerpuff Girls, The Thing, Thor, Transformers, Rebecca Black, Power Rangers, Ben 10, Obama, etcetcetc to help fend off the army of zombies.

Did it work? No.

Which brought about the next point.

4. We all died.

Like all of us, including the people in the Western cabinet.


Thenthenthennnnn, we did superlativs and Benedict had all these lame jokes omg

Most messy hair: Hairold. PUN INTENDED.


*Congrats to Andrea and Ian for getting honorable mention!*

Yusyusyus, so after all that we had C&D and this damn fantastic band played and all, and the food was great and stuff. When C&D ended, Pranav went around asking people to join us at Broadway and so some of us went.


YEAP! THAT’S IT FOR MY LONGLONG POST (which actually isn’t that long).

Another post will be up soon!






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