“We just want to heal the world.”

RMUN is over. I don’t really know how I feel about it though, I’m happy because at least for the next two days I can sleep till 1, but RMUN was admittedly pretty enjoyable.

It kinda sucked to be press though, even though the workload was much lighter and we could play pranks on everyone (“Are you related to Yoda? Cause Yodalicious” to the delegate of India – Chin Wee. He replied with his number btwwwww :D), we didn’t really feel a part of anything. All the other councils were really close and had outings and stuff, but press (maybe cause there were so few of us) wasn’t really like that. Boooo ):

D&D was alright, kinda hilarious watching people dance awkwardly. Yu Nwe, Yu Nwe…hardcore club dancing k srsly. Megawin. (Y)



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