Nah. Give you.

Meh, I’m bored. Lit now, but Mr M isn’t here pshhhhht. Aiyoy just now Ms S came into class for chem and told us that she was sorry and she might be dropping our class next year omgggg, why do all the good teachers keep leaving us??? D:

Hmmm, SL selection camp laterrrrr, super tiring but I suppose it’s worth it since we’re leaving a AHEM legacy behind. This morning we were packing the tees for everyone, and they were so slippery! Super hard to tie lah holy mama. It’s pretty plain too, only says “Crescent leadership camp 2011” with white base, but nvm lah still prettyyyy. :D

Whoa this morning was super hilars. Miss A was giving out report slips and stuff when all of a sudden… “NEEENOHHHNEEENOHHHNEENOHHHHHH”, damn awesome timing srsly. If it were a real fire maybe my report slip would be ruined forever NYAHAHAHA. Too bad it was only a drill. ):

Yayyyy pretty (UNGLAM) pictures~

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