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Woke up super early (10am) to meet Addie @ Dover MRT, and she was late. But it’s okay I love her anyway. <3 While waiting for her I was sitting at the platform and on the opposite platform there were these three guys + one girl and two of the guys looked super angry and stuff and they almost got in a fist fight but the other guy stopped them omg so scary I could’ve died.

When Addie arrived we got in a cab and since Jasmin couldn’t come, we went for the HCI open house. Their compound is huge. It’s insane omg, how did they even come up with the kind of money needed to build such a gigantic compound?! Pshhhhht.

Their Arts Gallery is super nice too, and the pieces are damn imba + professional. The only thing is that they were all so depressing oh good god, whoever said art has to be gloomy to be good AHEM, is making a huge mistake. And therefore I decided to make my own art piece – a smiley face + rocket. Rockets that look like carrots/squid are my signature.

Okaiz, then Addie and I went to Plaza Sing to meet Thad, who was with Daniel and Scott, then D & S left, then we went to Cathay, then we ate Ben and Jerry’s, then we went to Totally Hot Stuff, then we went to my other favorite shop at Cathay and Thad got me my birthday present (HURHURHUR PENG YOU AH PENG YOU, XIEXIENI), then we went to eat cheese fries, then we all left.

Then…went to church to get something, met Zach and Richie and Josh gave me my gummy bears (yay?) met Sabrina tooooo. Then went to school to get something from my teacher, then went home. Then…yeah.



I’m very happy.

Because someone is making me very happy. 


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