Tearday (?)

Yknow what? I shouldn’t be upset. What right do I have to even cry? I didn’t do my best, so I deserve what I got. Maybe this is supposed to be my wake up call, it probably is since I’m forced to admit I cannot get even a pass by slacking off.

I’m a failure, this time around. I’ve let my parents down and my teachers down. I’m not going to blame anyone but myself, because the fact is that I was complacent. I told myself it wouldn’t matter even if I did badly, but the truth is that it does matter. I told myself I would work harder for EOYs, but that’s just another excuse I gave myself. Yes, I somewhat studied for this exam, but I honestly don’t think this is my best.

So for the next 5 months, I will not be lazy. (I’m not even going to say “try not” because that just gives me a way to back out.) To anyone who thinks I’m intelligent, and I can get good grades by studying, I really hope you’re right. And to anyone who doesn’t think I can get over my lazy streak,

challenge accepted.

2 thoughts on “Tearday (?)

  1. I love your post. And don’t you dare doubt me or anyone else who says you are a smart, intelligent, brilliant girl who can amaze everyone if she puts in hard work. You will definitely do it, I bet you’re gonna surpass my expectations for you even, and that’s already extremely high, because I know you can do it. GO AMANDA.

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