Waking Up In Vegas;

I woke up to Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry. Love that song hmmm.

So, yesterday was just a blur, my head hurt so bad I thought I might’ve died. No joke. Then we went to dinner at Gracie’s house (:

My week is going to be mad packed with all the post-exam stuff and MUN. I can’t wait for June hols to start so I can actually relax. Except that once June starts it’s going to be Raffles MUN followed by ACSI MUN. DSFTJWEKJRHQWIELWKEJALWKEJRKEJR Actually MUN is super enjoyable, aside from the fact that I feel completely out of place there. Everyone’s so smart and sophisticated and I’m just, yknow… … … … bimbo.

Ahh well, it’s okay. I should learn to embrace every bit of myself, including the more retarded parts. (:


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