What It Takes;


So happy omg, at least now I don’t have to worry so much about RMUN (: Met some new people from Cedar today, they’re so nice! This girl called Annabelle from MGS too. And some guy from ACS who’s name I don’t know. RMUN people are so amusing though, the holding room for GA1 was just hilarious cause everyone was passing their phones around and getting each others’ number. I wonder if it’s solely for lobbying or something else too, hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

The directors who were listening to my presentation were really intimidating though D: and they asked really difficult questions, even though it can’t be compared to Mick’s presentation. “KEEP CALM AND CARRY UN” <– no typo.


Yeah then we went to watch other peoples’ Fashion Parades and skits. RI’s skit was so amusing, the guy just kept pushing people away and stuff then all of a sudden they were kneeling to him and I was just like whaaaaat?

i wanna go watch movieeeeees :D


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