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Went with Naomi, Sharne, Ezebel, Mick, Emily, Joanna, Faify waify, Nicole to cineleisure!

We didn’t watch a movie though, just walked around and spazzed over this super awesome vintage like shop. We had frolick, random green mint chocolate, went to vans, rockstar, more than words yadayadayada. Heehee I got Faiff a Tigger keychain (like mine) so I’ll always be with her! <3

Then Naomi bought me a small Pooh toy so all the baby Tiggers in my room will have friends. Emily got me this ribbon-eyy ring. I LOVE YOU GUISE :D

Sharne, Emily, Nic and I bought these watches and therefore I will start wearing two watches instead of one.


Then we all went to Taka and OTW there took some super hilarious shots. FAIL JUMP SHOTS IN THE MIDDLE OF ORCHARD ROAD (Y) In Taka we were all just looking at stationary and stuff. I BOUGHT STICKERS YAYYYYYYYYYYY. I LOVE STICKERS. SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH. THEY’RE SO CUTE. Yeah.

After a while I was starving so we went to the downstairs place to eat the super good udon I love to eat. Now Faith, Ezebel, Jo, and everyone are hooked on it HOHOHO. We were super annoying customers omg, we kept asking the waiters to help us take polaroids and before we left one of the waiters asked where we got the cameras. WIN.

Emily, Nic and Mick left, so after a while so did Naomi and I. We went to Kinokunia to  shop for AHEMAHEM birthday presents and such. We had this super depressing HTHT then left.


Met Ezebel and Faiff GV Vivo! We booked three tickets to watch Thor but Sharne also came so we initially were sitting apart from her, but we found out the people sitting in between us were our schoolmates so we swapped seats. HOW AWESOME ARE CRESCENTIANS? Very awesome.

Anyway, Thor was a good show. BUT IT’S SO SAD CAUSE IN THE END JANE AND THOR DIDN’T GET TOGETHERRRRRR D: As usual, Faiff managed to cry during the show LOL. There are so many shows I want to watch!

Yeah so then we went to F21. I AM A HAPPY GIRL. Shopping is major de-stress k srsly. Sharne, Faiff and Ezebel went to get Gongcha then we went downstairs to Old Chang Kee then we went upstairs to the rooftop garden then we ate then we talked then we took pictures then Sharne and Ezebel left for Novena then me and Faiff HTHTed then we left too.


I don’t wanna go to school tomorrowwwwww, and I’m supposed to have an mc but my dad didn’t let my doctor give me one even though I really am sick. D:

But nvm, kickboxing tmr. Should be fun!  (:

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