Jim Dunlop

TGIF. I really really don’t think I could survive another day of exams, good god I’m exhausted. Today’s papers were really funny. I was expecting to be okay with SS, but it sucked and I literally just decided I wasn’t going to do the paper properly because it was so annoyingly disastrous. For CL I was expecting to crap the entire paper and not even bother taking it seriously because I’m bound to fail anyway (wo shi angmohlang), but I found it pretty alright.

Okai so. Here’s the deal.

Tomorrow is Faiffy waiffy’s (aka. FULLFEH) birthday. And idk what to get her! Ezebel, Sharne and Emily too D: THE GREAT DILEMMA. 

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something tralalala~

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