Today was pretty horrible. English was alright, I think my essay is cliche max, but at least it’s not as pro as Mick’s essay ;) Mine was basically just about this ugly girl who wanted revenge on the pretty one because they used to be best friends but they became strangers in secondary school because the pretty one got popular. K, I’ve been reading too many chick-flick novels. bimbofied.

Chinese was just…askfjsldkfjlekrj. I wrote so damn little, I can’t even- Seriously, I’ve been demoted from HCL to express CL, and I just might be further dropped to normal CL oh the horror. K enough about chinese; making me super depressed.

At Starbucks now with Ezebel, we’re supposed to be studying but I don’t wanna cause I feel so shit from chinese grrrrr…at least tomorrow is only English paper 2, so it doesn’t matter if I slack off today :D

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