Blogger (?)

I feel terrible for not blogging on my blogger account and instead blogging here. THE GUILT. K, jk. I don’t feel a thing. Blogger was a good friend, but it’s time to move on :D My blogger was too public anyway, anyone could have been reading it; and even some of my teachers, which is just plain awkward.

My teachers are damn amazing when it comes to stalking us please. Our DM is stalking queen. She stalks our twitters, tumblrs, facebooks, bloggers, livejournals, formsprings, yadayadayada. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she managed to somehow stumble upon this site. But that’d just be a little bit freaky, not that it isn’t already.

I’m so bored. I think it’s pretty obvious since I’m blogging absolutely irrelevant crap, but who cares right?

Anyway, I’m so glad I’m in S2, seriously it’s like a blessing in disguise. When I first got drafted there, I was thinking ohcrap whywhywhy have I been posted to S2 omg am I that stupid good god all the people posted there are sososo noisy and loud and the next two years are going to be hell. Thank the good Lord I was wrong. If anything, S2 has taught me so much. I’ve learned to try to be more understanding; less judgmental. When we had the HTHT, I realized we’re all pretty much the same regardless of our exteriors. We all go through struggles of our own, and some of the things my classmates shared were really quite personal, but I’m glad they told us. I never would have guessed if they hadn’t.

So many of my classmates go through really horrible things, and yet you’d never know because they hide it so well. The people that act the meanest, the most awkward; they’re the ones that have been through the worst. So often I’ve passed judgment on people I didn’t even know, and I was wrong for that.

I’m glad God put me in S2, and I’ll dread the day we have to graduate. But meanwhile I’m just thankful for having met such a crazy bunch of darlings. Oh gosh I’m so lame and cheesy and everything. HURHURHUR I LOVE YOU GUYS;

xoxo, A


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